Honan – National Insurance Program

Hockey Australia is thrilled to announce it will partner with highly regarded and respected insurance broker Honan in respect to its National Insurance Program requirements from 2020. Everything to do with insurance for hockey is on this site.

Honan has developed a new website Hockey Australia - Honan Sport and claims portal which will allow all Clubs and Member Associations 24/7 access to the policies, claims portal, and to download their certificates of currency.

Visit the Hockey Australia - Honan Sport for more information on the National Insurance Program.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect you and your business from legal and / or medical costs that arise from an incident connected to your activities.

It protects you against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage to property or “pure economic” loss resulting from your negligence. Liability Insurance is essential to every business owner.

The individual certificates are available on this link, using the club listing.

Club Management and Professional Liability Insurance

When you give your time and energy to a club, you want to make certain you are not risking your personal or the organisation’s financial security. That’s why you need a Management and Professional insurance policy. It provides protection for you and the organisation in the event of legal action.

The insurance addresses exposures//wrongdoings clubs and associations face everyday, including; discrimination, harassments, wrongful termination, inefficient administration or supervision, libel and slander, misrepresentations and employee theft.

The individual certificates are available on this link, using the club listing.

Certificate of Currency - Honan Sport

Club Management Liability Insurance - Honan Sport

Personal Injury Insurance

Personal Injury Insurance is designed to offer some peace of mind to members, participants and volunteers of an organisation by having protection for certain costs related to an injury sustained whilst involved in an insured’s activity.

Personal Injury Insurance - Honan Sport




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